Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I hav something 2 do with Deep space & Time!

This is one of my area of interest. Well, read an article on Dinosaurs on wiki. I dont know y it makes me think twice when it comes a topic related to 'BULK, DEEP SPACE & DEEP TIME'. Say Astronomy or something that hav occured millions of yrs back. Infact the craziest thing i could hav ever done is to measure them using my limitations in wat i see in real world.

These r my own calculations. I dont think u would hav read in books or on net. Im not sure if its available anywhere.

Say, Dinosaurs were extinct 45million yrs ago, if each year of 45million u consider as 1 sec, it would take 1.5yrs to reach that age back!(a day has somewher 86thousand sec, so it comes approx 450lakh secs)
Aaaaah! So long long ago but im still able to perceive it! All these have happened for true. Let me pinch myself!

Another ex for deep space. Pluto is somewher 10billion kms far from sun. Consider this as 1cm, it would b 40mt to reach our nearest star proxima centaury. (well its 4light yrs far, 1light yr is approx 10 lakh crore kms)!

Just a rough work. Draw distance as length between planets using scale. While measuring planets u can measure as say 1mm=10crore km, then pluto will b placed 10cm far!

I see a mosquito mesh in my window. Alright. So, if u consider one mm2 area as 1 yr, then the area u see in 1metre square comes to 1million yrs. Then an area of 10X4.5 metres has num of yrs back Dinosaurs were extinct!

One more similarly,
Place each person in our country in a 1X1metre area then our 1.2billion ppl shall stand in an area of 100X12km! (1000ppl in 1km.)

Its so thrilling to calculate so on..

Now coming to the topic, im sure u gonna gasp when u read how Dinosaurs were actually extinct. Let me know ur opinion. :)

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