Tuesday, March 8, 2011

At the end of my MBBS life....... A look back..

I dont mind not to get recognised as a doctor till i turn 30yr. I hav my own ideas n views about it. Few think im a spoilt, a corrupt. Oh, for u ppl, probably i should hav been a big tym nerd, then i would been a good n normal. I tell u. My mind is beyond my sober looks. Get this point straight into ur head. My views r completely different. I know wher im gonna stand as a doctor one day. I hav big ideas out here, i shall contribute in my own way.

Changing n experiencing it has been d real fun all these yrs. Moral support, i expect 4m my parents, as wel 4m u, widout which things sound zero.

My life turned out in an unexpected way 4m d day im in blore. Lot many stuffs happend from 5yrs! These r all Happening days 4 me! Im happy 4 tat. Infact i hav got too much of Moral support 4m Facebook, 4m my updates. Y shouldn't i b thanking tis gr8 technology. Hats off. Just luv this.