Friday, August 26, 2011

Everybody has their own way of learning a good language

I keep knwing English new words every now n then. When ever I find a new word, I segregate it, try 2 know wat it is. Noun? Verb? Adverb? Adjective? If it is noun I hav a pattern of using it. If it is a verb, I try knowing its present, past n part participle (in fact it is must 2 knw). I hav a simple pattern here too. Any verb after HAVE, IS or BE form should be past participle, d rest continues in d
similar way.
According 2 me, 2 learn any language as it is, knowing the Individual word forms are must. Most of d ppl learn d good language from their kindergarten by repeated hearing, some by news papers. I hav my own way of learning & im happy wid it. :):).
Hopefully my mobile has served me d best source of information, specially I use d dictionary in my opera mini 2 d maximum & I hav a bit contentment for d clean English i use. Im correct 99% in my usage and 1% I might be wrong. This is d reason y most of d times my written n spoken ways r different, for which perfection can be achieved by repeated hearing of d words from News papers, Movies & Radio which r d basic means of my English. :):)

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